"After implementing the JP system of interceptive periodontal therapy, our practice has improved in quality and profitability. We have enjoyed greater treatment acceptance in aesthetic-restorative aspects of our practice as well. I highly recommend JP for those practices committed to higher levels of quality and service for their patients and themselves."

Dr. Tom McDougal
Richardson, Texas


"I love what you are doing for dentistry and what you have done for us. My patients, my team and I are going to benefit greatly because we are able to offer perfect tissue."

Allison Watts, DDS
Midland, TX


"Our practice has worked with JP's influence for over 10 years. We are continuing to improve and always will thank them for helping us find our next level, while growing and refining our thriving aesthetic/restorative practice. We will look forward to being their clients and attending their continuing education courses for years to come."

Dr. Bill Estes
Austin, TX


"As you 'position' your practice and focus on your strengths, one area to carefully scrutinize is soft tissue management. Aside from the quality treatment and liability-avoidance, the practice management implications are profound. In the largest of fine solo practices I see, often 40% of the gross productivity is generated in the perio/hygiene areas. When I ask audiences how many days of hygiene they have per week, per doctor, 4, 8, 12, etc. inevitably the most successful are clients of JP. The proof is in the pudding, and, Dr. Omer Reed says. "If it has been done before, it's probably possible!"

Burt Press, DDS
Former President of the ADA and CDA


"I was skeptical that we could achieve another level of tissue health, but after working with The JP Institute, I see healthier tissue than I've ever seen before. I now have a more complete understanding of how to achieve "perfect tissue".

Sue Silverman, RDH
West Hills, CA

The JP Institute
is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

Accepted Program Provider
FAGD / MAGD Credit.