The JP Institute
is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

Accepted Program Provider
FAGD / MAGD Credit.


I was recommended to JP on the push of one of my hygienists who was the past president of her state hygiene association. For me, JP was the entry into becoming an excellent practice. It gave a complete system for the hygiene department that made me want to find a similar program for the restorative side of the practice. It was the beginning of being able to get out of an insurance dependent practice and looking at a practice based on quality of care and a value attitude. IT IS A COMPLETE SYSTEM! And I do mean system. There is no guesswork rather you work inside a system that deals with instrumentation, delivery of treatment, verbal communication, insurance coding, coordination with antibiotics and much more. My entire team (including my associate) and I just completed the JP Mastership Certification Program. It even gave my dental assistants, who are relatively new in the careers, the confidence to talk with patients about their treatment, the treatment plan, and the financial aspects of the case. Furthermore, the spin off is that the restorative side is seeing the benefits of what the team learned about in perio, but they have adapted the system to provide treatment excellence on the restorative side. You are welcome to contact me, or my staff members, at 714-777-8884 if you have any questions. My suggestion is run, don't walk, to get enrolled. You will definitely ‘purify’ your practice and receive a return on investment.

Anthony G. Gallegos, DDS, MAGD
Yorba Linda, CA


I've had weeks to digest my experience with JP. . . you and your team have had a tremendous impact on me, not just as a clinician but, more importantly, as a person. I want you to know that I think the whole JP concept is pioneering. At first I was skeptical, I have been practicing for 23 years and I have worked with some phenomenal doctors. I have also had the privilege of working with consultants like Paul Sletten, and I really did not know what more there could be . . . you have opened the door to so much more. What I experienced are 2 very smart businesswomen who have used their knowledge as a building block to create something amazing. I say building block, because you strive for so much more scientific knowledge to back up what you aspire to. You have added a new dimension to the profession. The level of camaraderie and ownership from your entire team is refreshing and inspirational. I commend you for creating something so incredible. So from all this I am a high producing hygienist, but more importantly, I have this affiliation which I hold near and dear.

Karen Parker, RDH
Hoffman Estates, IL


We just had our four hygienists come back from the JP Mastership program in San Diego. It is totally awesome and they have come back with all sorts of energy and ideas to make us better. It reminds me of coming back from LVI. They are telling me that they learned so much and they want to do so many things! If anyone wants to get hygiene department rolling again, and production up, I would totally recommend it! The only problem is they did not take me this time. That will hopefully change in the future.

Blaine McLaughlin
Marion, IA


I have been practicing dental hygiene for five years, and over the years it has become repetitive. I was tired of being the “cleaning lady”. I needed more. I then had the privilege of attending the charter course of The JP Institute’s Registered Dental Hygienist Mastership Program (RDHMP). The program gave me a new outlook on dental hygiene. We started JP in our office right away. Patients are extremely grateful that we do a full oral cancer exam, restorative and periodontal screening, as well as checking their blood pressure. Many patients do not have the knowledge of how their mouth correlates with their entire body. JP has given me the knowledge, skill, and confidence to relay this information to patients in a way that they can fully understand so they can take responsibility for their health. I am not only helping to save teeth…I am helping to save lives.

Lisa Ford, RDH
Woodland Hills, CA


As a student of the RDH mastership program, I had very HIGH expectations, and was not disappointed! As always with the JP consultants my expectations, were not only met, but were exceeded. The program is on the cutting edge of technology and based on the newest research. The curriculum is taught in a manner that no one went home disappointed. As a hygienist, wanting to stay on the cutting edge of a profession I am so passionate about, I was given the recipe to make my job more rewarding and fulfilling for both my patients and myself. The RDH mastership program is as one student put it, “The chocolate mousse pie” of programs available for hygienists. Thanks to all of you, who made this course available, it is an invaluable experience.

Jeanne M. Godett, RDHEF
Sacramento, CA



The dynamic ability of instruction within the mastership program creates an environment that fosters the paradigm shift necessary for the JP philosophy.  The curriculum is all encompassing and creates the highest level of clinical awareness.  How wonderful to have a successful recipe for ideal treatment presentation and acceptance.

Kirsten Thye, RDH
Woodland Hills, CA


Our hygienists went through the hygiene curriculum with The JP Institute. It was a wonderful program and easily increased our production! It is to complex to explain in an email, and really requires the training. I recommend it to anyone-it is worth the travel and class fee for sure. We have had great compliance with our patients and I would say 85% schedule JP’s refined perio program.

Nikki Pierce, Office Manager
Canby, OR