Original Step-by-Step DVD Training Series

The CORE 4
This timeless training video series consists of four (4) information packed modules on two (2) DVD's with over three and a half hours of 100 percent applicable hands-on, over the shoulder and blackboard JP training.

Down to a Science (Original series)
This great module will help your practice standardize communicaton and care while keeping everyone on time for a more productive and less stressful day.

Dynamic Chairside Communication
Try these additional chairside communication techniques to increase case acceptence and overall compliance.

Periodontal Therapy
This solid clinical training module offers specific techniques and specific verbal skills for advanced standardization of the appropriate therapy appointment.

The 6 Week Appointment
The information disclosed in this DVD focuses on the most important appointment for achieving a successful therapeutic result. Case acceptence and over the shoulder chairside clinical techniques are demonstrated as well as proven verbal skills.

Microsonic Therapy
This DVD offers best use of microsonics techniques and hand instrument sharpening all rolled into one easy to use training format.

Advanced Instrumentation and Sharpening
This training DVD series will help doctors and the hygiene team to evaluate the technique and continuity of your clinical service. Also, very specific instruction on keeping your instruments sharpened, to an exacting standard, is presented.






The JP Institute
is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

Accepted Program Provider
FAGD / MAGD Credit.

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