Hygiene Support Products

Periodontal Chart Note Stickers
These stickers are designed to streamline your hygiene service documentation.

1000 stickers = 2 rolls of 500.

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Progression of Periodontal Disease
This product is an 11"x 17" laminated visual aid of the Progression of Periodontal Disease, for illustrations of Healthy Gingiva, Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and Advanced Periodontitis.

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Periodontal Screening and Comprehensive Exam
These forms are designed specifically to easily determine an approximate case type and treatment plan.

100 sheets per pad. 




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Periodontal Treatment Flow Chart
This product is a two-part NCR form, which is utilized when the patient is diagnosed for active periodontal therapy, and is your non-surgical treatment plan for the chart. It provides continuity of documentation, treatment planning, as well as appropriate legal documentation. 

100 forms per package. 


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