Proficiency in the use of technology and product is integral to maximizing utilization. From our 26 years of experience of working hands-on with over 2,000 dental offices we know that if the clinician is not confident and comfortable with a technology or product, it is not utilized to maximum value for patient care. For instance, all dental professionals understand the benefit of using the intra oral camera. However, does your team utilize the intra oral camera 100% of the time, and if not, then why? The most common answer to this is time management. Frequently, the issue of time management contributes to the lack of proficiency in technology utilization. There are several variables that come into play that effect the use of technology, and all variables need to be addressed in order to increase case acceptance, and the patient’s value perception of your dentistry. Microultrasonic therapy, laser therapy, Arestin, and Casey Systems are just a few examples of the technology and products that are underutilized in some dental practices thus effecting patient treatment; as well as practice efficiency and profitability. The JP Institute offers an advanced Technology and Product Integration curriculum, which enlightens and educates dental Teams in successful utilization and integration of today’s technology and products to improve and increase your standard of patient care, case acceptance, and practice profit margins.

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* Laser Technology Integration (Sample Outline)

* Microultrasonics Technology Integration (Sample

* Ergonomics for Health, Comfort, and Longevity




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