Over the past 26 years, countless dental practices have benefited from in-office implementation of The JP Institute’s hygiene and practice management curriculum, and now, using the same successful template, JP has created a hands-on, advanced Dental Assisting curriculum. Your practice will reap the rewards of dental assistant mentorship, with personalized coaching and hands-on training in technology and product integration, learning to stay one step ahead of the doctor’s needs, and ultimate patient care and case presentation. We help to develop skills, while inspiring and motivating the enthusiasm of dental assistants for their profession and for their patients!

Topics Covered in this Course Include

Mastering communication skills for increased patient case acceptance.

Increasing and refining communication skills among team members.

Proficiency in advanced case presentation.

Clinical proficiency in technology and product integration.

Clinical proficiency in record taking and patient tracking; digital photography, making digital X-rays comfortable for our patients; face bows, taking the perfect impression and making perfect temporaries; and the ease and comfort of rubber dam placement.

Increasing the excitement and passion for comprehensive care through the empowerment of growth and learning, for increased career satisfaction.

Utilizing new found skills; creating the “Phenomenal New Patient Experience” from start to the “WOW” finish!

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The JP Institute
is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

Accepted Program Provider
FAGD / MAGD Credit.